The Experience

Based in Key West, Florida, our charters are all inclusive with the exception of certain luxury items. The vessel carries a complete crew compliment to include: Captain, Chef, Stew/Mate. We offer private overnight charters, private day excursions and dinner sails. Argo Navis is also a great venue for a weddings and cocktail parties. With ample deck space we can accommodate up to 50 guests. Due to her 36ft. beam, stability is phenomenal, making for a very comfortable ride. She is a very versatile boat whether you want to just relax or go for a spirited sail. 



    •    All trips can be tailor made to your preferences

    •    Overnight trip to Boca Grande Key and Woman Key- just west of Key West.

    •    Three-day trip to Dry Tortuga's national park.

    •    Seven to eight-day trip from Key West to Cuba along the North coast from Havana to Cabo San Antonio and back to  

         Key West. Stops in Cayo Levisa and Cayo Jutias with the opportunity venture inland and explore Tobacco country in


    •    Ten to twelve day trip from Key West to Cienfuegos making land fall in Havana (Marina Hemingway). From there, sailing down

         the coast westward to Cabo San Antonio with stops in Cayo Levisa and Cayo Jutias then rounding the Cape to Maria La

         Gorda. Continue on sailing to Cayos de San Felipe or Punta Frances before heading to Isla de la Juventud. From there the

         choices based on weather are twofold; either go south around Isla de la Juventud or north along the bank with various stops

         along both routes to Cayo Largo. From Cayo Largo it's an eight to ten hour trip to Cienfuegos 

    •    The next trip would be in reverse from Cienfuegos to Key West

    •    Charters to the Bahamas are also available (Abaco's, Exumas, and Far Islands).